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My Story

Over twenty years ago, I started utilizing meditation and self-care practices to transform destructive habits, heal myself, and guide my life - all of which are still a natural part of my regular routine.

My work in the helping field began in 2004, when I obtained my Bachelors in Special Education. I have used this degree in a variety of capacities to assist individuals with various mental, physical, emotional, and social challenges to reach their highest potential. Through this, I discovered my passion and gift for counseling people in all areas of their lives.

I then moved into the mental health field where I mentored individuals with complex traumas in the areas of: emotional processing; working through crisis situations; meeting their treatment goals; and with self-care and daily living skills. During that time, I obtained my Masters in Mental Health Counseling and interned at a residential facility for substance abuse treatment.

In order to provide a greater repertoire of services to clients, I became certified in health and life coaching. I take a wellness approach to both counseling and coaching. This approach allows me to consider all aspects of individuals I work with, because I have found that mental, spiritual and physical aspects are interconnected and are all important components in many therapeutic processes.

Another one of my passions is creating environments that support physical, mental and emotional well being. Over the years, I’ve developed a knack for organizing and creating systems. I thoroughly enjoy making spaces flow and function harmoniously.

Looking forward to seeing which of these services best supports your well-being.



Mental Health Counseling

We all have times in our lives when support is needed to navigate the complexities of life.  Having a non-judgmental, supportive perspective can be an invaluable tool for sorting out the past, transforming the present moment and stepping powerfully into the future. It is my privilege and pleasure to walk this path with you.

I am here to listen with full presence and offer objective feedback. Our sessions will help bring awareness  to your inner world with a solution based focus.  Together we can explore: identity development, life transitions, relationship challenges, as well as working through traumas, grief, depression and anxiety – to name a few.  I believe that there are many avenues to healing/wellness and look forward to seeing how that unfolds for you.

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Wellness Coaching

Setting health and life goals is typically easy for people.  Reaching and maintaining these goals can be more challenging.  As a life and health coach, I can: assist you in creating healthy habits; help you stay empowered; support you in working through obstacles; keep you accountable; and celebrate your wins with you!

In addition to wellness certifications, I have over twenty years experience in self-care practices to offer you.  Having had a daily meditation practice for the past two decades, I can assist you with meditation and mindfulness techniques.  As a licensed mental health counselor, I can help bridge the gap between how mental and emotional states of being impact physical circumstance.  Together, we can find the self-care practices that will best support you.


Home Organizational Support 

Having grown up in a state that once felt overwhelming and chaotic, I discovered the sanctity  that organizational systems and routines brought my life.  Finding logical places to keep my belongings and creating systems that have become my natural way of being, allows me to flow more seamlessly through my days.  It frees up mental space so that I can focus on things that require my full attention.

Creating spaces that support wellbeing has become second nature to me and a piece of the therapeutic process that I thoroughly delight in offering to clients.  Together we can assess your living space to determine  blockages, clear out clutter and create systems that make your life more rhythmic.



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